About Us

Let us Bring Extra Love to your Life!

Extra Love Home Care LLC is a Home Staffing  Agency. Here you can find high quality services according to your specific needs. We have experienced  cleaning crews and reliable caretakers. Honesty and Integrity are just some of a our best attributes and make our clients live’s easier it is our main goal.

Extra Love Home Care LLC was founded in spring of 2018 by Livia  Sommer
After over eight years in the home staffing business Livia  decided that she wanted to take her years of experience and start her own agency, bringing to the business an extra attention to details.  The course of her career, Livia has worked for several different families, (New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and New Jersey) She has learned exactly what it is that these families are looking for when seeking out a professional to work in the private confines of their home. Be it a governess, personal organizer,  cleaning professional, house manager, or nanny,  Livia understands the level of trust needed for a family to feel comfortable with a person in their home, and goes through a lengthy screening process to ensure that her clients can keep an easy mind.

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